Thursday, February 28, 2013


Freedom. The root word is 'free'.
So, freedom is supossed to be free.
But sometimes, to have a freedom we must pay something.

I see that on my country, Indonesia. We've been reach our freedom for 67 years. But I think we are not have a freedom yet. Racism, discriminate persons by their religion, not free enough to speak our mind, our thought about something, and sometimes they didn't see you as a smart person because you are young.

But, I still love Indonesia. My country is known by hospitality of  the society. Our people is always smile, and whatsoever. But, when I come back to Indonesia, I didn't see that. The people is so selfish, especially when you going out with public transportation in Jakarta.

But, yeah, I still love Indonesia.
I think if we, the society, the people whom lives in Indonesia, always grumbling about our country, it doesn't change anything. We must do something or at least stop grumbling. Start something!

What have you did, Aluna Senja?
I don't know. I still confuse but I will stop grumbling. I think I will start writing about my country. The music, the dance, the culture et cetera.

I hope with doing that, I can reach my freedom. My own freedom. Freedom on my way.

Aluna Senja

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Longing is what your heart desire strongly or persistently.
I think there's nothing wrong about longing.
Well, I am longing for someone for a long time and my friends keep telling me that I should forget him. Erase him from my mind, my heart, and my world.

But, I can't.
Hm, I just.... can't

I wanna share to you how was the story. I promise. But, not now.
I want to read some books now and trying to erase him.
Yeah, I'm trying.